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India’s one of the most prominent freedom fighters, Subhash Chandra Bose is always in our hearts, mind, body and soul. In recent past news came regarding Netaji car found in Dhanbad.

An antique Baby Austin Car that Subhash Chandra Bose has traveled in across most places in Jharkhand between 1930 to 1941 has recently been spotted in one of the warehouses of Barari Coke Plant in Dhanbad.

According to a report in Bhaskar, Bharat Coking Coal Limited CMD Tapas Kumar Lahiry instructed the GM to ask the administration to hand over the car to the BCCL. Further, in a letter to the GM of area, KC Mishra, the car was asked to be sent to the guest house of Coal Nagar.

Keeping in view the recent developments, BCCL has informed about the car to Netaji Research Bureau in Kolkata.

The antique mode of transport is owned by Subhash Chandra Bose’s paternal uncle, Ashok Bose, after the East India Company handed it over to him in the Barari Coke Plant. The engine of the car is marked SD 108459F model 6A and the chasis no is 2617 SGANT M 13220. The car registration number is BRR 3201.

Upon hearing all this news I decided I too have duty to preserve this precious heritage. Since I am from Dhanbad, I went to coal India guest house in Dhanbad took local authorities permission, got very wretched upon viewing the condition of car. I personally shot the video of car, sent it to local journalists, coal India administration, Mr. Anuj Dhar (Netaji Mission), to Our Beloved International Director of Netaji International Foundation Dr. Niranjan Kumar and to Netaji Research Beauru Kolkata. Upon various queries answer I got to know regarding preservation of this esteemed heritage is that there is requirement of permission from ministry of cultural affairs for preservation.

Photo of Netaji Car in Coal India guest house Dhanbad.

  In recent times citizens of Cuttack Orissa have also demanded regarding the establishment of this car in Netaji Native house.

It’s high time we should work effectively towards preserving the heirlooms of our beloved Netaji. Social Media, Mass Media and we people as responsible citizen of the nation should come headlong to preserve these heritage for coming generations. Netaji International foundation, Biratnagar, Nepal under the patronage of Dr. Niranjan Kumar is one of the kinds of organization that always celebrates          Netaji Birthday from past 15 plus years and creating awareness about Netaji legacies among Indian and Nepalese Citizens.

Finally I would like to conclude that is our national duty to maintain and protect our important heritage and Teachings of Netaji should be incorporated in school syllabus for motivation of coming generations.

Dr. Saurabh Kumar Roy

Nobel Medical College, Biratnagar, Nepal

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